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How to get Dell 2900 server connected

Andrew J Clissett

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Hi there


I have used PC monitor for my other three systems however I dont seem to be able to connect the Dell 2900 server to the software.


I have deleted the anti virus and taken off the fire walls...


It just doesnt appear on the monitor and or can see it on the monitor even after install...


Please help





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  • Administrators

Hello Andrew,


  1. Can you successfully install PC Monitor on your server?
  2. Can you configure it?
  3. If you press "Validate Account" do you get any errors?
  4. Does the PC Monitor service start if you click on "Start Service" button in the left side of the PC Monitor Manager application? If not, do you get an error message?

Please reply to each of the four questions and I will do my best to help you.



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