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Automaticly add new computers


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It would be really nice to have a option in Enterprise server that automaticly adds newly added computers to a associated account. If you use unnatented installation through GPO to install your computers automaticly, then you have to add this computers manualy to the associated accounts..  mabye a checkbox in the account settings window? 




Robbin Schut


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Thanks Marius!
I also got a little things for the Associated Accounts property window: selecting username,  It would be much more easyer to select a Account Username from a list/selectbox rather than typ in the full username...
One other thing that could be handy is creating Account Groups so you can put Users in Groups, and add them as Associated Account Group with rights I know we allready talked about this but for us this is a must have, and it makes the accountslist much more clearer :D
Thanks again
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I have a question about associate accounts. There will only be two people set up as users, myself and a second account which I set up as an associate account on mine. I want the associate to have all the same rights and abilities as I do on the 'default' group (which is the only group we are using). When the associate opens his dashboard he doesn't see all the alerts (red circles....they show up as green on his dashboard and red on mine..why?) Also, he does not have the ability to right click on a server in the dashboard and see the menu (remote desktop, remote assistance.etc). 

As I mentioned, I set his account up as an associate of my account because I want both of us to manage the group. Is that the correct way to set him up? I want both of us to have the same abilities.

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When you shared the systems with the associated account have you set up the share so the notifications are sent too?

If you shared the systems as read only the associated account would not have any rights to edit the config and so on. Could you please check?

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I have another question. I had stated above that there will be only two users, myself and an associate account. I set up all the monitored systems under my account with the associate account set up to receive all the notifications and alerts that I do. In other words we both see everything. This is working fine. But now I want to add a user and set it up so that this new user will only receive the notification when one thing happens, that being when a certain service is stopped or started. This would be a service that is running on all the systems that I have set up. I think if I add this new user as an associate won't he receive all the other notices also? This new user doesn't need to be sent notifications on any other item except that one service. Is there a way to accomplish this? 

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