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Uninstall Installed Applications


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Hi - I'm using the 3.6 Android client, to monitor Windows 8 x64 Pcs which are running the 3.6 PC Client


(On my phone), when I go into PC Monitor > Installed Applications, several of my applications are not uninstallable - they show as dimmed-out :(

for example:


Adobe AIR & Adobe Flash are not uninstallable, but Adobe Reader (11.0.01), is ok to uninstall 

Other not uninstallables include:


Google Chrome 

Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center

SureThing CD Lableler

Various Nvidia Drivers (but Nvidia PhysX, is uninstallable)

Realtek Audio

Fences 2

Internet Download Manager

Java Auto Updater

WD Link

HP USB Format Tool


Is this a bug, or is there a reason why these can't be uninstalled ?








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This is not a bug. Most likely there is no uninstall info for those apps and we cannot use the msiexec tool to uninstall them quietly from the PC Monitor service.



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