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Security. How safe is it to use this application ?


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I'm wondering if I could be explained how security is implemented in this application.

I'm basically leaving enough information via the PC-Monitor's server, that if information into the wrong hands, they could take full control over my server and PC's.

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No personal user data is collected or stored on our servers. All the data required by the application (such as the state of the computer, services state, running processes) is stored temporarily in our servers with the sole intent of displaying this information on the mobile device and is removed automatically after the request is complete. None of your account details are shared with any third parties and no member of our staff has direct access to the account informations or any data stored.

The servers accept only secure connections from both client agents (Windows and Linux) as well as from the mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7) and Web Application therefore the communication is always encrypted.

We do not store on our servers any information that can allow someone to connect to your computers. Even more, our servers never contact your computers; simply stopping PC Monitor service will cause all the communication between our server and your computer to stop.

As well, we store just a salted hash of your password on our servers and we recommend you to use a strong password. After several invalid login attempts our servers will lock the username/IP address for some time too.

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Please define temporarily. Is it just seconds, minuets or maybe as long as 24 hours after a message has been sent from ether a PC/server or mobile device?

So if someone did hack into your server, the person would in the worst case only catch the username and PW. (As with Sony).

Or depending on the time frame asked above, the person may acquire more data ?

How often does the "PC Monitor for Windows" send information from a PC/server to MMSOFT server when the mobile app is not active ?

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Temporarily means 15 seconds on average, maximum 30 seconds and the data it's only held in memory.

PC Monitor does not transmit anything while the mobile app is not active except for the fact that the PC is up and running and it does that every 15 seconds. All other informations are transmitted on request (from the mobile apps or web app).

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