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Time Based Rules

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Sometimes, it's not good to be notified. Here's one example from my system:

The SMS_EXECUTIVE service (part of System Center Configuration Manager 2007) stops at 3AM every morning for a backup to occur, and restarts when the backup is finished. When the service stops, PC Monitor logs it, and every morning I have to dismiss the event.

But it's really "noise" that I don't need to mess with. But worse, if SMS_EXECUTIVE crashes at 3:10AM, I won't know it because the 3AM notification will stop further notifications.

What I'd like to do is have a rule like this:

"If Time = 3:00-3:01 AM, don't notify on SMS_EXECUTIVE shutdown."

That's the way I read the OP's request, too; maybe he meant something different.

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You will be able to do this using the "Maintenance Mode" feature - it will allow you to set date/time intervals while the computer is in maintenance mode meaning no notifications will be sent while in that mode.

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Judging from the Roadmap post the Maintenance Mode is still under development. It would help if the BETA and RC releases would include a changelog attached..

Edit: This feature has been implemented into PC Monitor and can be found in the Manager application.

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