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Pulseway 9.4 has arrived we can't wait for you to try it!!


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Exciting Updates with Pulseway 9.4: Dive Deeper, Automate Smarter, and Control Better!

Hey IT Heroes! 🌟 We've rolled out some significant updates for Pulseway 9.4 that we believe will be game-changers. Here's a detailed breakdown:

1. Advanced Templates📊:

Full Control: Our new module empowers you to decide what data you report, its presentation, and format.

Tailored Reporting: Use our library of templates or craft your own reports from scratch.

Branding: Customize the look and feel of your reports to align with any branding guidelines.

2. Enhanced Automation⚙️:

API Call Workflow Action: Introducing webhooks to help you interact with apps outside of the Pulseway ecosystem.

New Automations: Execute Azure Runbooks, send custom Teams/Slack messages, and more.

6 New Actions & 12 Conditions: From executing PowerShell commands to checking if a specific file exists.

3. Advanced Patching🛡️:

MSRC Support: Enhance your patching rules with Microsoft Security Classification.

Patching Overview: Quickly view installed and pending patches for online & offline devices.

Dashboard Widgets: Visualize patching status in real-time across your environment.

4. Upgraded Remote Control📶:

User Empowerment: End-users can now choose to accept or reject Remote Desktop sessions.

Notifications: Users will be informed about the start and stop of RD sessions.

Technician Control: Techs can decide if end-users can disconnect a session.

5. Local IP Address Info 🎊:

Access local IP information for all active network interfaces right from the device card, Advanced Search, or Quick Search.

6. API V3 Refinements🛠️:

We're pushing the envelope with support for new endpoints, allowing for more secure integrations to make your workdays even more efficient.


If anybody would like to learn more about the Pulseway 9.4 update you can do so HERE

And for anyone who's curious you can always dive in and try out the new Pulseway 9.4 features HERE with a free trial

We've crafted these updates based on your feedback and the ever-evolving tech landscape. Would love to hear your thoughts, experiences, and any questions you might have!

Happy tech-ing! 😊

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