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Hi All, Just doing a quick post for those of you who didn’t catch our Webinar yesterday where we shared some exciting progress updates and future plans!


So let's dive in to some amazing features that will be coming soon:


1.  We’ve also made some changes to Workflow, including some new stuff. With the new Workflow actions you can now:

§  Schedule workflow actions

§  Schedule Reboots

§  Execute shell commands

§  Execute a file

§  Close an application

§  Get a URL – for downloading files

§  Write a log entry

§  Send a message to the end user

·       You will also now be able to define a working folder for automation execution on agents, allow scripts and shell commands to run as a current user and finally you will have to ability to schedule workflows to be run as ‘ad-hoc as well as you would regularly.

2.  We have now introduced a Co-current multi-monitor which can now support working with multiple monitors simultaneously as well as bringing in the support of thumbnails.

3. There have been enhancements made to macOS & Linux.

§  Both MacOS and Linux now support custom fields in scripts

§  You can also now have access to the Top Processes in Mem and CPU for Mac and Linus. 

This will enable users to further extend the power of automation.

5.  . We have made changes to the Reboot Notifications so now you can configure a notification when there is a reboot pending for a device. perfect for patch management.



Now we can discuss some of the exciting features That will be introduced further down the line:


1.  We are continuously working on enhancements and improvements for the likes of our Remote Control, Task execution, Software and Patch Management and our Mobile App.


2. We are in the midst of a Policy Redesign where we will be introducing industry leading flexibility and policy management. This should be with you all within the next few updates.


3.  We will also be introducing Device Card a new UX component that brings in more flexible and powerful ways to work with the details and functionality of individual devices.


4.  As well as all this we are also in progress of implementing ‘Connectors’ aka integrations little brother, where instead of only being able to connect to third party products, with connectors you will be able to connect to third party technologies.


5.  There will be native support for more device types allowing you much more flexibility in the grouping of like devices. Allowing for abundant device connectivity. 

You can check out our Webinar on demand here

This is only a taste of some of the super exciting plans we have for 2023!

If you have any questions or any suggestions please drop them below, we’d love to hear from you.


Thanks Pulseway People,


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