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UrBackup API Script integration


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Chasing up what the following are calls to

Specifically ;
Pulseway_Instance Group

Figured out ;
Pulseway_instance_id Not sure of
Pulseway_Instance_Name would be ie (https://companyname.pulseway.com/) ?
Pulseway_Instance Group Would be the Group its in obviously (any Syntax required ? or straight label copy paste ?)
and with Username and password 2FA not required or seperate Pulseway account needed with 2FA disabled ?

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That would be good mate. 

I have figured out how to send Notifications Via Postman successfully however still having issues getting Pulseway to send Notifications

Instance_Id seems to be the Pulseway specific one created automatically and retrieved via 

(When using Postman at least)
in format like ;
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