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System Registered Trigger, On-boarding Automation


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Hi folks,

I am seeing this trigger, System Registered, in the Automation > Workflows area. I'm imagining this trigger combined with the organization condition value can easily automate a series of actions to perform onboarding computers automatically. 

In testing, this works fabulously. However, it seems Pulseway RMM only allows one active workflow to use the 'System Registered' trigger. Understandable. I suppose I could use a single Workflow that uses the 'System Registered' trigger that cascades through all my clients. i.e. Organization Condition=ABC Customer: true/false > a false answer cascades to a new Organization Condition=XYZ Customer: true/false, etc, etc until a true result is found that kicks off the actions. This would quickly become difficult to manage, though I am considering it as I dont have any other options at the moment.

Looking for how you all have automated your on-boarding efforts? What are you doing that works for you? 

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Hey @RandyChuck,

Based on the way Pulseway behaves with Triggers, I assume it would be hard to implement multiple "System Registered" active workflows due to multiple things being fired off the same trigger. End result is that it would have to run through all the condition statements of all the "active" system registered workflows and basically behaving the same as a long decision tree.

TLDR: I end up using the long conditional tree for on boarding based on Group/Location that the machine was joined to based on the agent install file used. It can be convoluted and complicated, however "Workflow History" is a great troubleshooting tool, as you can see the decision path that the workflow has made.

Only problem I have run into with this method is when a workflow calls a power shell script. It seems the workflows have trouble realizing when the power shell script has completed. I have posted about this issue if it ends up coming up for you. Still working with Pulseway Support for a solution.

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