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More Detailed Roadmap

Mark G38

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Curious if we can be provided a bit more detailed road map.  It would be nice if when ideas from the Feature Requests page get approved, that we can an idea of the timeline until we see that feature.  For example, all the ones in my below screenshot marked "In Development" have been in that status for months.  When you look at the Roadmap thread, it doesn't show any of these specific items in there.  It would be nice to see an estimate on when we can expect some of these features to be released.





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I'm sure Pulseway does some great development behind the scenes, but the current ways to let us know simply aren't working.

You should consider regular updates along a predefined schedule, like publishing updates on day X once a month or on day X once every quarter, and then map a forum thread or webpage to it so we can get a better idea of what is coming and when.

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