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Veeam backup monitoring through WIndows Event logs


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My objective is to monitor Veeam backup and agent jobs in the most efficient way.

Since there's no feature to monitor Veeam backup, the only way I know is to make use of Windows Event logs. When I tried to setup a new policy I found out that Pulseway web app only allows you to monitor "Application, Security and System" event logs. Problem is Veeam event logs are stored in a separate section under Windows event logs (Application & Services logs -> Veeam Backup). So according to my understanding this wouldn't work for Veeam. 

The other possible way of doing this is to configure to monitor Veeam backup event logs from the Pulseway Manger in a server. Though this would work, implementing this is a repetitive task when there are many servers to be managed. A policy compared to this looks way less time consuming and more easier to manage.

What I want to know is there a more efficient way of getting this done other than configuring pulseway manager to monitor Veeam event logs in each server?



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@Randula All you need to do is log onto 1 machine that has the Veeam and create the needed event log monitor through the Pulseway Manager on the local machine, than export that.  

Go into Policies on the PWA and it allows you to import there.  It will the apply to all machines under that policy.  I have several custom alerts set up using a custom event log that I created and write to, and this is how I had to do it.  I have a "dev" machine that I use to create and test alerts and export from there into my policies for my clients. 

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