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Checklists in tickets


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I am very shocked that PSA being as advanced in features as it is, does not have an option to insert a simple to do checklist in a ticket. I see there is this thing called To-Do & Service Calls but that's something entirely different as it even does not show the actions needed to be done on the list... just that its a To Do item:


What if I want to for example have a ticket template for an IT assistant to do somethings and track his progress? Like for example setting up a new system so I know he has ordered the computer, he installed the OS, he configured the antivirus software, he connected it to the domain etc.

Can I please request you guys add such functionality? I know this can be done similarly by adding a ton of notes into a ticket but that creates a lot of clutter in it. It would be perfect if there was a separate section aside from notes called Checklist and it could be configured in for example the recurring master tickets so when I want someone to check the equipment in the meeting room that person can check out what has been tested and if he encountered an issue he can add a note to an item in the checklist.

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