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SNMP Monitoring of Vmware sensors and hardware oid


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i'm trying to setup SNMP monitoring of Vmware sensors and hardware

i've downloaded the mib file for esx, but i'm having alot o truble finding out witch oid is what

anyone who has set this up with success and want to share ?

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Hi Cursten, 
Please contact the machine vendor to get the right OID,
  1. If it is for HPE servers, you can get the OID information at the HPE SIM software. 
  2. If it is for Dell servers/systems you can get the OID information from the Dell Open manage.
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is vmware that i want to monitor

then i dont have to change oid if the hardware is another brand

if i have to get oid for several gen og hp and ibm servers, i'm not going to use it

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What do you want to monitor in VMWare?

What version of VMWare are you using? 

What is the actual problem - is it

  1. you don't know how to configure Pulseway to monitor VMWare...
  2. you don't know what the OID's map to...
  3. something else. 

Let me know, and I'll see if I can help!

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Posted (edited)

I want to monitor the hardware/sensor in vmware

im testing on vmware 7.0

my problem is that i have no idea what oid maps to what

i've had a session with support but all i got was "get the mib file and fine the oid in there", there is alot of oid and mib files, and i have no clue what mib file i what

so any help or tips could be worth a lot to me, i have several different vm server that i want to monitor

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