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HUGE REQUEST - Make RMM asset data avaialbe to PSA


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Please simply integrate the asset data collected by RMM so that it is transferred to PSA for ticketing and asset management. This would be a HUGE competitive advantage for Pulseway. I am new to Pulseway and my expectation upon choosing Pulseway was that this functionality is built in. I now find out otherwise and I do not understand why asset info is not available to PSA when it is already captured in RMM? Lack of asset data from RMM to PSA causes so much extra work for each new machine added for every new client that if it isn't fixed soon I will need to leave Pulseway for a better alternative.

At the very least, allow us to export all asset data, offline or otherwise, in the same format that can be imported in PSA.

I love Pulseway and really want to see you all succeed. Please add this for us MSP's!

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