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what configuration does Pulseway prioritize?

Rick Klaassen

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a simple question.

to manage our systems we use group policies for notifying us about general things (high cpu, windows update etc etc.)

Does Pulseway prioritize the agent group policy or the settings made on the local agent of the system?


for example: we have a customer with a couple systems with high CPU usage, we dont want to receive an notification for this, so i disabled it in the group policy but i still get a warning that computer X uses more then an X amount of cpu for a certain duration, i checked the agent settings localy and i see that it was still checked there that when the system has high cpu usage to send us a notification. 



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Hi Rick,

Pulseway will prioritize policies ahead of the local configuration. Please note that a filled checkbox (not empty or ticked) means that the local setting will be respected.


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