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Can't login to Android

Bjarne - ViGGO

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I can't seem to login into the Android app, i have tried it many times by now.

I have even typed the password in "keep notes" in clear text and then copy & paste it into the app, but with no luck

Just the "Invalid username and/or password (295)".

I can login to the website with no problem and all my colleagues don't have any problem at all - it's damn annoying! 

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17 minutes ago, Paul said:

Hi Bjarne,

Make sure that you enter the Team instance name in the Custom Server box too.


ahh, where do i find that info?

And when i open the app i following fields:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Use Dedicated Server.

I dont have a Custome Server box anywhere



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  • Administrators

Sorry, it's called Use Dedicated Server. The dedicated server is the instance name of your Pulseway instance like company.pulseway.com or the FQDN of your on-prem server.


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