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When I installed the APK about a month ago on my Android, there were 2 features which were "Webcam" and "Screens". They were removed to be part of the Paid version instead, and that's fine. I just paid for a 5-computer subscription to get those features back, because they are pretty damn useful.

I currently have 3 PC's on my PC Monitor network: 1 at work, and 2 at home.

PC1: laptop @ home: WinXP Professional SP3

PC2: PC @ home: Win7 x64 Ultimate

PC3: PC @ work: WinXP Professional SP3

PC4: PC @home: Debian Lenny (6.0) (I'll probably add my linux PC later, but I was at my 3 PC limit on free membership)

Excluding PC4, I tried to check the screens of all my computers, and it worked on none. The linux version shouldn't matter, since the Screenshot feature is Windoze-only. Does anybody know why my Screenshot doesn't work?

PS: It IS checked in the PC's configuration, otherwise you can't see the "Screens" button in the Android Apk.



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