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On some systems I am unable to see any databases using SQL Server module


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On some systems I am unable to see any databases using the SQL Server module and the iOS app. I have several virtual database servers running different versions of MS SQL Server. On most I can see the list of databases. I have one installation of SQL Server 2008 that I am not able to see any databases from the iOS app. I can see agent jobs, server info and the like, it just reports none found.

Here is what the app reports as server info:

Product: Microsoft SQL Server

Edition: Workgroup Edition

Version: 10.0.4000

Platform: NT INTEL X86

OS: 5.2 (3790)

I saw Marius's post about module dependencies and went and made sure I had the following installed:

Microsoft SQL Server System CLR Types

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Objects

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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You can try to enable diagnostic logging to see if he shows an error. You can enable Diagnostic Logging from Settings tab and Diagnostics subtab. Doing so PC Monitor will start writing log details to a file called trace.log that can be found in the PC Monitor installation folder.

If you find any error please copy and paste it here.

Just my curiosity: Are you sure that the credentials you provided in PCM have access to the databases?

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