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PC Monitor Logging (windows)


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Does PC monitor create a log anywhere?

Specifically something a plugin could write to for debuggin?

Or would I have to write my own log?

Else is there some other way of debugging a plugin so i can step through my code?

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All logs are saved ON DEMAND, by manually activating diagnosting logging. You can enable Diagnostic Logging from Settings tab and Diagnostics subtab. Doing so PC Monitor will start writing log details to a file called trace.log that can be found in the PC Monitor installation folder.

While writing a plugin you can add base.Trace("Message") or just Trace(string) in your code and it will show up in Diagnostic Logging. The only way of debugging your code is by not writing a Plugin but a Cloud Instance, this way you don't have to use PC Monitor's agent and you can embed all PC Monitor's functionality into a standalone application

Here is a really nice tutorial on how to work with Cloud API: http://www.mobilepcm...netcloudapi.php

And here is the Plugins tutorial: http://www.pulseway.com/netclientapi.php

If you want some examples you can look at the plugins forum: http://forum.mobilep...ows-client-api/ as most of the releases out there are opensource.

Good luck,


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