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How to create GUI pop up message via Power Shell..


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I am looking to create an automated pop up message via powershell to alert users in a certain scope.

Example: Systems will be under going maintenance, please ensure you leave the system on.

However, I noticed due to powershell being in 'session 0' it won't show the pop up box for the user.

How can I get around this or does anybody have another method?

Side note: I did notice you can send group messages via Pulseway Group section, but I don't think I could automate that?

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Can the msg command do anything else?  Yes / No etc etc. If so, can you provide a link with full syntax for this command?  I want to push out software that requires several applications to be closed before proceeding, so Id preferably like to ask the user to close before proceeding, also giving them the option to pass on the install.  I don't want to abruptly kill these apps either (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.)

I've tried using [System.Windows.MessageBox] and [System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox] which doesn't seem to work due to PS user impersonation requirements to install with admin rights. 

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank You.

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