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New Systems and Licensing

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It seems as though, if I onboard a system that takes my total over my existing Pulseway license count, the new system does not appear anywhere in Pulseway. The new system will only appear if we upgrade the license count.

There is no notification that there are systems pending a license. No alert, or error message to tell a user what they need to do. The Pulseway Manager indicates the new system is registered correctly and, again, gives no indication that anything is wrong or that a license is needed. 

Is this working as intended? If not, what am I doing wrong? If so, could you fix it? It's completely daft.

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I have configured Email-notifications in our environment, and we receive notifications like these (see picture below) when we exceed the license limit.

EDIT: Configured via Pulseway -> Server Admin -> Settings -> Email -> Server settings


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