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Queue scripts to run when back online


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Hi there! 


I often find myself running scripts on our machines in a way that demands follow up/verification, so I thought it would be a good thing to be able to add scripts to a queue in Pulseway to have them run at a later point in time when a system becomes available online. Currently I tend to keep a document with all the machines listed, so I can mark them one by one in order to know which ones are done, and which ones remain. This is kinda tedious because our machines (especially laptops) tend to be offline for longer periods of time, and I have to follow up on a daily basis until the script ran successfully on all of them. 


I know about automation tasks in Pulseway and the possibility to schedule scripts to run daily, weekly etc. But they will continue to run on all computers for as long as the task is enabled. I've tried to cope with this by building scripts that won't reapply the software and/or settings if existing data is found. It seems to work, although it's not an optimal solution since the scripts will run tens or hundreds of times on our systems when they only really need to be ran once. 


So, what am I suggesting?

  • The possibility to run one or multiple scripts (either directly or via an automation task depending on what the Pulseway devs prefer)
    • With an option to run once.
    • With an option to include offline systems (the script/s will be queued for when they come back online)
    • With an option to send success/failure-reports to the administrator
    • With an option to retry once, twice or three times whenever a script is unsuccessful. (in my case this is useful because Powershell Impersonation doesn't work in home environments when VPN is disabled, so a second attempt may succeed.)
    • A section in Pulseway WebGUI where an administrator can see the deployment progress and success/failure-ratio.


One of many scenarios: I have a script that will install a scheduled task with some predefined values, and upgrade an MSI-installation to a newer version. I want to make sure that all our computers run the script with a successful output.


Please let me know if you find this suggestion useful! 

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