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Enable PSA Customer Portal Self-Registration


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It would be a nice feature to have customers be able to self-register in the PSA portal

Employee Self Registration

 Allow Portal Self Registration

Allow company employees to self register through the portal.
They will automatically be granted portal access to this company's default services.

 Allow Email Self Registration

Automatically register employees as customers when they email your support addresses for the first time.
They will automatically be added to this company's default services.

 Allow AD Registration & Authentication

Automatically register Active Directory employees as customers when they log in from your internal LAN
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Hi @RobsTech,

Thank you for contacting us. By current design, if the potential customer sends you an email on your support desk, then all these emails which are sent from unknown domains or public email domains like (gmail.com, yahoo.com etc.) , then all these tickets are coming in as unknown tickets and you have the option to create CRM account for them and then assign ticket to it from unknown tickets.

Alternatively you may add additional functionality on your Companies Website - Create a form for new CRM account registration and allow to submit first ticket and enable Client portal access for your company. This can be done via REST API for PSA.

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