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Windows app log constantly registering power events from PC Monitor


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As a test I've installed the client service on an eee netbook running Windows XP Home SP3. A few times a minute, there is a an application log information event from PC Monitor "PowerEvent handled successfully by the service". Timing is random - between events I've seen as few as 6 seconds and as many as 30 or so, but it's at least twice per minute since I installed the service.

I don't see these events on my other machines (Asus G73 notebook Win7 x64 and HP DL380G3 Win2003 Enterprise x32). I've determined that the events are being spawned because of the "Microsoft ACPI-compliant control method battery" device driver (but which is also present on the G73 without the events); apparently PC Monitor is receiving some kind of notifications from this and then logging them. I've tried disabling all extraneous services and all power management, leaving only this device - only disabling the device removes the app-log spam.

I know all about the various issues around this driver with regards to latency and battery charging issues and so forth, so no need to rehash that.

I have a very large user base of XP laptop users; I'll be trying the app tomorrow with a few Dell D and E units running XP to see if I have the same issue. But all I really want is for PC Monitor to stop spamming my app log (event is the standard PC Monitor type: source=PC Monitor, Event ID 0).


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