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Starter and Team accounts


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"The paid Team plan is designed for MSPs and IT departments and offers a collaborative environment with multi-account management, Remote Control and additional features such as Audit Log, White Labelling and much more. The Team plan starts from 20 endpoints. The Starter plan allows 2 free endpoints and maximum up to 19 endpoints."

How does this work please - is there a pricing difference ?  What happens when you buy your 20th licence - do you automatically move to a Team licence ?

Many Thanks

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Hi James,

The pricing structure is different between the two plans. The Starter plan has a unified endpoint license cost (same cost for Windows servers and workstations) where the Team plan is priced differently and gives access to more monitoring and management features. You will not be able to exceed 19 licenses on the Starter plan however if you want to upgrade further our team will assist you with the migration process to the Team plan. Certain things will need to be migrated manually however online systems can be easily be migrated through an automation script.


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