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AV detection in case of Windows Server 2016 not working

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I have the following situation: Windows Server 2016 Standard, Windows Defender Features uninstalled, AV Product = Panda Adaptive Defense 360. The Pulseway RMM shows no AV Status. Only he said that the firewall and status from windows side is ok. Next to the server I have a Windows Client with the same situation but where the Panda is detected. It is clear that I can see only the status, but this is important.

Perhaps someone has an idea in this case.




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Hi @ITCommander,

Unfortunately Pulseway can not monitor Antivirus solutions on servers if these solutions are not integrated with Pulseway. On workstations Pulseway can get the status for the Antivirus solution from the Windows security center, but on Windows server it doesn't exist, therefore in order to get the Antivirus status on servers the Antivirus argent should be integrated with the Pulseway agent.

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