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After renaming the Org and Agent Group, new installations are not visible

Kenny Carlsson

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We've used one single installation package which we've distributed via our old RMM. After the systems have been installed we've manually moved them to correct Org/Site/Agent Group.


However, pretty much in the midst of this installation, I renamed the Org/Site/Agent group which we used for installation which resulted in that we can see a number of systems (100+) have the Pulseway software installed, but they are not visible in Pulseway. So somehow they are connected to a specific name of Org/Site/Agent Group. 

How can we get those systems visible?

Do we need to recreate the old names of the Org/Site Agent Group? If so, the problem is that I don't have the exact names noted.
I've tried to retrieve the names via the registry, but it seems the Groupname registry entry doesn't exist anymore.



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Hi Kenny,

We don't tie system registrations with the org, site or agent group names so renaming them is perfectly fine. I can't tell what caused the disconnect however looking at your instance it seems that you are at your license limit meaning that any systems you add above the license limit they will no longer be visible. Can you send me a PM on the total number of systems you're monitoring so we can confirm that the license is in order?


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