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Is this the right product for me...?


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I am kinda an MSP....  I work with SMB to SME clients and work on a project basis.  I provide Wi-Fi, VoWi-Fi, PTP hardware,  IP surveillance, access control systems, digital signage, IP phones, etc... products to clients.  I often design and own the network in these environments.  I do not provide end user support of PCs, Antivirus, windows updates, backup services help desk, etc...  I install, maintain, or support servers for AD or otherwise.  Sometimes there will be a server for a VMS I will manage.

I pretty much just manage infrastructure type devices.  I want RMM, alerting, IP PDU control, SMNP, ISP monitoring, etc....  I want something that integrates billing.

Is this the right product for someone like me?  If not do you have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Wi-Fi and welcome to the Pulseway community,

Pulseway can definitely help you with your monitoring and management needs. We do have integrations with major virtualization providers, SNMP monitoring. I am not sure what control level you require for IP PDUs and ISP monitoring is kind of a hard because if it's down, how would you notify that it's down unless you have a backup line?

Feel free to start a free trial over here, I'm sure you'll have a great time with Pulseway: https://www.pulseway.com/enterprise/evaluation :lol:


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