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upgrading your subscription?


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I must be blind/stupid but how do you purchase to begin with?

I can't see anywhere on the website to buy and also can't see anywhere in the PC software.Edit: Never mind found it!  Seems a bit silly that I have to log in to one of the remotely managed PC's (i.e. one of my customers machines) to purchase this software.Wouldn't it make more sense to have the subsription/purchase option in the PC Dashboard that I have on my own computer?

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I used to find very nice and easy the old payment straight form the website :) I was also thinking.. Would it be possible to have an "end subscription date" for each subscription?

I'm facing this problem when I sell to my clients the service to keep their machines monitored.

Let's say I have a 10 PC subscriptions activated and today I sell to one of my clients a 1 year monitoring service for 4 PCs. In July I sell another 1 year service for 6 PCs. The bad thing is that both of my clients pay my service but I don't have two subscription end dates (of 1 year each).

Is this in your plans?

Thank you Daniele :)

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We had the same problem with two different expiration dates - that's why we took out the PayPal payment from the web site.

We will consider adding a payment module API so you can programmatically change the subscription details.

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Thank you for your kind support.

I'm not sure If I explained well my situation..sorry for my bad english :P

What I'm facing now is this. I now own a 28 pcs scubrscription that will end in november 2012. If I try to upgrade it will start from a minimum of 28 pcs till 200 (or 100) if I'm not wrong.

What I can't do is to add lets say 3/5 or more pcs (from a new client) to my actual subscription of 28 pcs and consider those new pcs (having payed) to last for a year time.

I think that in this kind of scenario the subscriptions would be more flexible for both you and clients. You becouse you'd get money and clients like me that could add and manage easily more pcs to their subscriptions.

Again sorry for my english, I really don't won't to tell you what you have to do :) but I just think that the actual kind of subscription plans are not so flexible :)

Thank you for your time :)


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We support adding more computers to the existing subscription without changing the expiration date as well as extending the expiration date.

What we will not support is having different expiration dates for the same account.

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