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Remote Desktop Client-requests


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Hey guys! 


I have a couple of things that would greatly improve my own workflow and also improving the remote desktop client in general, so I decided to collect them all in one thread. Please share your thoughts.

1. Adding sections for tags, notes and last logged on user in the Remote Desktop Client GUI. This is illustrated in the uploaded picture within this thread.

2. Transfer files. Both ways would be great, but at least being able to transfer from host to client at first.

3. Portable remote sessions. What I mean by this is to have a link that a user can go to (for example https://pulseway.yourdomain.com/help), and then download a portable version of Pulseway Remote. The user would then let me know of a PIN-code that can be entered within my Remote Desktop Client to remote control his/her desktop.

4. We are currently able to toggle the ask for confirmation-behavior, and I have configured a 1 minute timeout before it is automatically allowed. However, my suggestion is that the timeout won't apply when the "Login"-session is the only session available.


// Martin

Remote Desktop.png

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