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Import Profiles/ Save Sates


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I'm sitting here importing items from Quickbooks and I'm painstakingly clicking and setting each item that I want because the PSA is including categories as something that can be imported.  IDK why they can't be used.  It's also guessing at which QB services are Work Items and Services and is just backward at its guesses.  

Some frustrations with this process and the way its setup.
I started and then realized I should show more and when I did everything I clicked or set was lost so I had to start over again
20 minutes later and I accidentally click something and deselected all the check marks. 

There has to be a better, less frustrating way to do this

Would be great if this saved what you did as you went automatically.   If not that, a profile you could create and save as you went along so you wouldn't lose work. Especially if you wanted to go back and reimport or update by syncing again and only choose specific items.  You'd have to redo this process entirely without that.  I get you can do it in small pieces.  But that's also time-consuming.  

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Hi Sean,

When you import these items you have the option to review them and specify the correct 'Destination'. We would suggest you to import the Chart of the accounts at first and then all items.

Desktop version:



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