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Assigned ticket still "New"

Gary Haberl

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Hi All,

Does anyone else have an issue with Assigning a ticket and the status staying "New". I asked support a while ago, and they said maybe some users still wanted the status to stay as new when it is assigned.  Well with that logic, when I resolve a ticket, maybe is should stay as "Assigned" and not "completed".

The issue I am having is when I have NEW tickets, I like to assign a "Group or Batch" of tickets to one tech.  From the Service Desk "Dashboard" you can see the "New" tickets.  From there I batch assign tickets to a tech, but they stay as 'New" tickets.  Well now I have to go into each ticket and change from New to Assigned.


Sorry, but if we "Assign" a ticket is it no longer "New" it is "Assigned" status.  Just like "Resolved" tickets.  They are 'Completed" not other statuses.

What am I missing?


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  • Staff

Hi @Gary Haberl,.

Have you tried to create the workflow for this? If you already have the workflow which notifies the technician, that the new ticket is added to his queue, then that workflow can update the status for the ticket.

Also, you can create a new workflow like this:


and then in the second tab 'Update' like this:



I hope it helps.




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  • Staff

Hi @Gary Haberl,

Once you click on that button, then you have the option to select the Queue and update the status for the ticket.

Not all of our customers are using the status 'Assigned' for new tickets which are assigned to the technician.


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