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The remote login feature removed in version 6.1.1 was an important feature to me. It has been almost two months since 6.1.1. was released. I am puzzled by the unannounced removal of a feature in a maintenance update to all customers. No warning, no explanation, no timeline for solution given, and no alternative version made available. The only thing that makes sense is that this feature has a major security vulnerability. So major that the company is willing to risk wide spread customer dissatisfaction in order to avoid permanent damage to Pulseway's reputation. If the feature has a major security vulnerability, I agree, and I can wait. If not, would you make available an alternative release?

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Hey everyone,

Thank you for your patience. We've reached out to Microsoft in an attempt to see if they have made any unannounced changes internally on how they handle login providers however we've received no response as of now. Unfortunately we couldn't reproduce the issues on any of our tests machines but we've seen an alarmingly high amount of support emails reporting that users cannot login into their computers after a recent Windows feature update which has prompted us to take immediate action to prevent us from interfering with the operating system.

Until we figure out what exactly is happening with the operating system while it's loading our login providers it's risky to reintroduce this feature. If there is anyone who was affected by the login provider issue and would like to help us on reintroducing the feature please drop me a PM and I'll send you some instructions on how to collect diagnostic information crucial to understanding and reproducing the issue.


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