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  1. dtoxic

    Login feature missing

    would like to know this too, currently,pulseway is useless for me
  2. dtoxic

    Older Version

    Ok, thank for the info!
  3. dtoxic

    Older Version

    *bump* anyone?
  4. dtoxic

    Older Version

    Hi where can i download an older version of Pulseway Agent, the new version removed the login feature, but on windows 7 it works ok for me and i need that, the last version i think was 6.1.1 agent for windows that had the login feature
  5. dtoxic

    Watchdog.bat Task

    Thx, that would be great!
  6. dtoxic

    Watchdog.bat Task

    I know what it does, and no ,no particular reason i just remove any task i do not need includin a bunch of Microsoft default ones (call it OCD :D) just wanted to know if there is a way :)
  7. dtoxic

    Watchdog.bat Task

    Is there a w way to prevent Pulseway creating the task "PulsewayServiceCheck" that starts Watchdog.bat? i tried removing the task but it;s recreated on every restart, while disabling the task works i would still like if there is (or if it can be implemented in the future) to prevent creation of this task in the task scheduler
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