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Ticketing & Client Communication


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Granting permission to clients to access the PSA portal is great. However, we've been noticing our clients are not using it as much as we would like them to keep track of tickets.

What are your thoughts on adding a "communication" button on each ticket for submitting at any time on-demand status to the client's email address or perhaps making the ticket visible as a public link? Not sure if this is already possible or we may have missed it. This would facilitate the client's experience when viewing their tickets.


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  • Staff

Hi @ArrowNM,

When you add the note or a time entry to the ticket then you have the option to send the notification:image.thumb.png.feab7d13a976d9d5872f47a06b44f3c0.png

In this section you have the option to select the contact to who you would like to send notification. Also, you may create the email template for this notification, therefore you can specify the content of it.


I hope this helps.


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