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A few questions (how to turn off, ...)


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Hey there!

Love this software! Very useful! I'm using this to monitor my CPU temperatures because I am Folding @ Home. If the temps get to high, I turn my PC off.

But I was wondering how can stop the software? What I mean is PC Monitor shows "The service is running" all the time. How can I turn it off? I don't need it when I am at home. The only way I found to stop it is to select "I don't have an account" and then "Apply" and then when I restart the program, it needs a login to start PC monitor up.

Also, how often is my PC's information sent to the internet? Is it uploaded only when my mobile device wants the information, or is it uploaded each, I don't know, 10 seconds. If it is the first, then that would solve the "how to turn off" issue.

I am asking these questions because I am worried of blowing through my bandwidth limit.



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To turn off "The service is running" notification you need to go to PC Monitor Manager -> Notifications tab -> Status subtab -> State group -> untick "Send a notification when the computer is offline (recommend for servers)".

Also PC Monitor talks to the servers every 15-20 seconds however keeping a computer 24/7 online without using the mobile application to request data PC Monitor will not use more than 30-50mb a month.

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