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Workaround for registration?


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Hello all,

Running Ubuntu Server 18.04.  Installed Pulseway service, went through the pulseway-registration, and it completed fine.  Started the Pulseway service.  Server will not appear in my Pulseway account.

I saw a thread stickied that this is currently broken.  Is there any manual work around that anyone knows of to get this Ubuntu machine reporting in my Pulseway account?


Thank you so much for your time.  :)

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Hi there,

Please check the /etc/pulseway/config.xml file to see if there is a token attribute to the account tag and also look under /var/log/syslog for some error messages related to the Pulseway daemon. Let me know of your findings.


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Hey Paul,

Server still does not show up in pulseway after update and re-registration.  But I did get a new screen I never got before going through pulseway-registration (I never got anything besides 'Register System' and 'Exit'.  Please see the screenshot I attached.  I checked the config.xml and everything looks good.


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