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Inventory add to ticket

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Hi all,

Please check this video: https://youtu.be/h__wDKiPFIA

I would like to add all our inventory in this system. Is it possible that if you place one of your inventory at a customer. You can place it under the customer?


For example:

I have listed "printer brother" for 100 dollar in my inventory hardware list.

Customer1 needs a new printer.

Engineer1 takes the "printer brother" and placed it at the customer.

What should the engineer1 do now. Create a ticket and he can add the "printer brother" from the inventory in the ticket.

Now we will see that the "printer brother" is not anymore in the inventory. Correct?

In the finance section we can see that the "printer brother" is sold to Customer1. It automatically added the 100 dollar to the invoice, correct?


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