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Setup a project and when engineer makes a ticket, can he insert it in the project?

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Hi all,

Let say that you create a project called "New server installation".

When Engineer 1 is making a ticket, is it possible to insert this ticket under the project called "New server installation".

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Hi @Sindbad,

In general the Project is created based on the contract and when we create the project we assign tasks for the engineers, therefore they can work on these tasks.

Currently we do not support the option to insert the ticket under the Project, but you have the option to assign the ticket to the contract.

I hope this helps. 

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I understand. But I still do like what I asked, what do you think? I understand what you are saying, but let us say.

We did setup tasks under that project. But you and I know, if you are doing some stuff. Things can come up. You don't want to assign a new task, but you want to create a ticket and do it. Then assign it under that project. It will calculate it later on when you do the invoice.


You will see all the tasks and how long each task was. Also you will see the ticket that you on the fly did and added to the project. Does it make sense?

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