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Recommendations for client reports

Andy Raybould

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I would like to start sending my clients a report to show that monitoring is taking place and updates applied etc.

Does anyone have recommendations on what to send. I'd imagine most of my clients are not concerned with the technical aspects of a report but just need assurance that something is happening!

Regards, Andy

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7 minutes ago, Andy Raybould said:

The Uptime Report seems a little odd. I run it and everything comes back as 100%. Some of my clients, particularly those with laptops are not running all the time.

I've probably missed something I guess!


We generally only run it on the custom scopes we've set up for client servers. The trick to these being that any scheduled downtime under "Maintenance Mode" doesn't seem to effect the scoring at all but we generally get fairly reasonable representations of uptime and unscheduled downtime.

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Send information that matters to the business - patching details, server uptime (not workstations), tickets logged and closed ticket info, time frame for ticket closure (careful with this one depending on your billing structure - some clients get weird seeing quickly closed tickets "Why am i paying hourly/monthly for 20 mins support? etc..), Outline of preventative tasks - temp cleanups, Backup status and results.

Perhaps mini roadmap for application updates within your control - (office etc)

Flag systems with no warranty or expiring warranty and installation/setup dates and suggested replacement timelines - perhaps quarterly?


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