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No Push Notifications

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So the issue I'm having is with the mobile app on Android. I can log into the app and see notifications there, but I don't receive any notice through normal Android notifications. On the web client, I can see the device listed under Monitoring Devices with Push Notifications - No, but I cannot find where to enable this in the settings of the web app or mobile app!

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Same issue here, tried reinstalling the app and playing around with various settings. Now i don't get any notifications although both email and push notifications are checked (Account -> Overview -> Notifications). WebApp says 'Push Notifications - No' for both monitoring devices(browser and app). Made sure android is not blocking any of Pulseways notifications.

Windows 8.1 Pro, Opera browser 56.0.3051.36, Android 9 w/ Oxygen OS 9.0, Pulseway App v5.4.3, Pulseway v6.0.2 build 1001

EDIT: woke up next morning, email notifications are working. Sadly, push notifications still don't work.

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update on email notifications
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Hi All,

If you can see that the notifications are disabled for your device from the Pulseway WebApp -> Account -> Devices, then please make sure that the Pulseway App has the permissions on your device for the Push notifications. The option to select this setting is presented to you when you are installing the Pulseway App. If you have selected to deny this permission, then your mobile device is registered with no permissions to receive Push notifications.

In order to resolve this issue, please delete the storage for the Pulseway mobile app and then uninstall it. Once it is done, then delete this device from the Pulseway WebApp -> Account -> Devices section. And finally reinstall the Pulseway Mobile App with all correct settings.

I hope this helps.

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