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4 hours ago, Chris said:


Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider the possibility to introduce this functionality into the future release.

No offense, but you all said a similar thing back in 2011, 7 years ago. 

Surely in that time you should have figured something out. I know there is a notification on SMART but it would be great to have something more visual under an endpoints Details or Details > Hard Disks where we can check the status silently - see link below. Under the WebApp or mobile app there is no way to see/check the SMART status "current" situation. Please have a look at this to maybe help your DEV's.


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+1 ... I would also love to see this.

We currently use Dell servers, and with Openmanage we are able to watch S.M.A.R.T for all drives. We then push error info to event logs and track drives that way.

Would love to see a S.M.A.R.T section in the RMM.

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Oh...that’s disappointing. Not signed up to PW yet but was just about to pull the trigger on 100 devices for 3 years. If it can’t do something relatively low level I’ll probably look elsewhere. Don’t pretty much all other RMM’s do this?

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On 7/24/2018 at 1:29 PM, Chris said:

Hi @brenrich101,

This topic refers to the specific S.M.A.R.T monitoring tool. The Pulseway agent does support S.M.A.R.T monitoring.


Hi. I've just started testing Pulseway. I can see the notification, but is there a way (or any plans) to be able to view a current SMART status of a drive? If I get a notification that client's drive has SMART errors, I need to assess that information and contact them to arrange the work to be done. Ideally without wasting time to dial in, install SMART monitoring software and then save screenshots.

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