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Script - Email notification

Felipe CS

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Hello people! 

Its possible to configure a notification by mail when a script runs, with results? 

I have some scripts that I use with windows schedule task, but if I will configure a email notification I have to configure a lot of dependencies. So I want to use the automation from Pulseway to run this scripts...

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Hello Felipe,

Yes, you can, would be the short answer, however in order to get a notification when a script runs you will need to assign your script to a task. As you know scripts can be executed independently or with a conjunction with a task. The task bit is responsible for scheduling, sending notifications, executing the script on the desired scope of machines etc.

For more info and examples on how to use tasks, navigate to Automation section of the Pulseway WebApp and click on 'Learn How to Use' in the right top corner of the webpage.


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Careful though. I have noticed that Scripts run against (normally) one machine, and Tasks (Normally) run against groups of systems (or the default of all systems).

Also, one that caught me, Tasks do not ask if you are sure you want to run it, but Scripts do. Test your Scripts carefully before you add them to Tasks and run them against a group of systems.


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