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Huge Ticket Titles from RMM Events

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I notice that there are tickets coming from RMM events, such as offline statuses for servers where it takes up far more room than it should. Both the title and the description contain the same information:


The computer 'MYSERVER' in the group 'My Servers' is offline.

NOTE: The computer could still be up and running but it has stopped communicating with the server (usually due to the loss of network connectivity).

Only the first line is necessary in the title, or something like, "'MYSERVER' in group 'My Servers' is offline" with the full description within the ticket.

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I couldn't agree more Max.

It feels like the RMM is putting all the info for a ticket in the title and description of the ticket.  The title of the ticket needs to be short.  Our Techs have complained about this many times, and again in our meeting today.



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