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Pulseway Backup?


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In the roadmap i see something called Pulseway Backup.

Does this mean you can export/import your Pulseway configuration for usage in another instance? Or does this mean you implement a service where i can backup my server to “a Pulseway cloud” 

Because the later would be a HUGE benefit to me, as a “Pulseway minded company”. I have tested Atera in the past (amongst loooooots of other RMM’s) and they offer a feature where you can use the agent to backup the selected system to your portion of the Atera cloud, i would think this is not hard to implement, since you obviously allready have the infrastructure and security in place, and it would allow us costumers to more tightly integrate Pulseway into our systems.

As a minimalist, i try to live my life following the KISS (Keep It Stupidly Simple) principle, and i would very much like to implement that businesswise too. Which is succeeding well with the curent usage of Pulseway, but ofcourse there is always room to grow :-) 

not having to deal with the administration that evolves arround using different suppliers (Pulseway for monitoring, XXX foor business management, Microsoft for Azure backup storage) frees up my time to do what i do best, be an IT Hero! Which would very much align with the Pulseway filosophy!


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I cannot disclose much about the project ahead of it's announcement but it does include local and cloud backup and that it's going to be amazing :lol:.


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