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I am trying to figure it out how the contract will work for my business. My Block of Hours Contracts are opened, meaning that a customer pay me for 10 hours and they will get billed as soon as the hours are used up, meaning it can be in a weekend, in one week, one month or 6 months, depending how often call for services. PSA bills on a recurring basis, so if the customer haven't use the hours in a month the system will create another set of 10 hours the next month for example.

I setup the cycle to be Contract Length and use a 1 year date, but then my question is, how do I generate another contract for 10 more hours? Do I have to Manually Create another contract? What happen with the first one I created Contract Length, do I have to deactivate it or it will automatically create an invoice at the end of the Contract.

I want to also make a comment, while this product is super deep in functionality the Guides and Manuals are useless really. I think if you guys create better videos or guides, questions of usability will be minimized.

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In order to create the contract with retainer hours you will need to do the following:

1. At first, you will need to create the default contract for the recurring service and add the required service to it.

2. And then you will need to create another contract for the same company for the 'retainer by hours', but this time you will choose the option that this contract is not default.


3. Then you will need to go back to your default contract and configure the exclusions (for the work type and then configure the 'Default Fallback Contract' the contract (which you created in step two) to your default contract).

4. And then simply resolve the tickets for this CRM account using the worktypes which you have configured in step 3.

5. And finally process the recurring service, labor hours, etc. in the finance section.

Note: the invoice will be generated at the end of the billing cycle

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