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Ability to exclude certain patches from alerting and reporting


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Hi all

I'd love to see a way to exclude certain patches from alerts and reports. More specifically Windows Defender and Windows Malicious Software removal. Since we use Webroot, Defender is not needed, yet every single day all my systems are showing at least 1 missing Important update (Defender). It is therefore virtually impossible to create a report with a good overall score. It also creates too many notifications.

It would be great to have some sort of override options to be able to exclude certain patches.Or maybe we can separate critical and important alerts in notification, as right now they are treated the same.

Another example, we have a production 2008 server that HAS to stay on IE 10. We actually implemented a block to prevent IE 11. So while technically missing an important update, it's by choice and we should be able to somehow tell Pulseway to exclude this patch from alerting and reporting


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Thanks Calin, but it doesn’t quite cover my concerns. The notification is for critical and important, but maybe I am overlooking something. However this won’t help the fact that windows defender updates will continue to bring down my patch score.

ill give hiding the update a try. Thanks for the tip. 

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