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PatchManagement - Agent Status

Gary Haberl

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We install RMM agents to all systems from one account, and then share the systems to other accounts to manage who manages what.

The Patch Management "Agent Status" only works for the user who installs the agent.  BUT, creating policies can be done by anyone.  And the Policies are shared between all users.

Is there a reason only the person who installed the agent can apply Patch Management via the Agent Status link?

Also...The "Patch Policy" link on the Android App does not show up unless you are the person who installed the RMM on the client system.  But all other features are there.

I'm thinking a little more work is needed on this so all techs can use the patch management. Or is this written this way for a reason?


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We have a similar setup with the accounts and facing this issue. 

Hoping this will get addressed soon so that delegated accounts are able to see same settings and configurations as the one used for agent installations.

Best regards


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We are honouring the existing security system in place to prevent other users from controlling security critical features such as antivirus / os patch deployment status, scripts and tasks as changes might accidentally affect systems that you are not aware.

There are plans on revamping the user security systems at Pulseway to introduce user groups and access levels which will allow you to provide full access to the entire Pulseway feature set for other users. 


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