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Close ticket from RMM Script

Gary Haberl

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Is there a way to close a ticket that was opened by a notification from the RMM?

ie. Notification of a stopped service opens a ticket. I would like a script to start the service and then change the ticket in the PSA auto-magicaly.

Is this available yet, or on the feature request list?


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Thank you Chris,

I guess what I am really looking for is a way to script a solution to a notification.  If we have a notification, and there is always a solution to it (Script a soluton), then can we have the RMM run the solution and then close the ticket if it was successful? That way, we can be more pro-active to solutions that can be scripted.  Tickets open, and then close without a Tech working on the ticket.  Client still sees action taken on the ticket.


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  • Staff

Hi Gary,

Unfortunately this functionality currently is not available, however we will consider the possibility to introduce it into the future. Currently, we have a partial solution for this:

You can configure the rules into the Pulseway Manager. These rules will trigger the scheduled tasks on your machine once certain conditions are met. But you still will need to review the notification and delete it manually. Please read more about this from here.

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