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Connectwise Import Error

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Hi All

When trying to import from Connectwise I get the following error:

Error! You are unauthorized please check your current credential details !

The Public and Private keys are definitely correct.  The url I'm using https://api-eu.myconnectwise.net/v4_6_release/apis/3.0/ as my login server is https://eu.myconnectwise.com.

Anyone have any ideas what's going on here?

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Hi Chris,

No I can't but that URL is a typo on my part, in this thread only.  If you look above it, you'll see I'm actually using https://eu.myconnectwise.net and can log in at that URL with no issue.

(also, I don't appear to be getting email notifications for this thread? I thought I should once subscribed to it.)

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  • Staff

Hi Colm,

You will need to check whether the Username and Password is correct or user has the right permissions on ConnectWise. But if this is not the case, then we would like to try to access your account from our test environment (if you don't mind). Please send us an email with user credentials to support@pulseway.com 

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Another development.  Last night, for the 3rd time I regenerated the API keys and this time the import started!  However, 12+ hours later it still hasn't informed me that it's finished and I haven't seen any new info in PPSA.

I'm happy to pass on log-in details and will do so shortly to support@pulseway.com

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